The Shaker 28 is a 28oz vinyl coated cocktail shaker designed for craft cocktail production. A Tapered parabollic contour makes the shaker more ergonimic in the hand.

The insulated sheath will minimize ice dillution, while mixing with reduced thermal conduction.

The coating will keep your hands warm and reduce exterior condensation on the shaker.


The most comfortable ergonomic cocktail shaker you will ever use. 

Introducing the Shaker 28


Commercial Grade Spun Stainless Steel

This results in a stronger shaker that can handle day in and day out for years with commercial use. 

Care and Cleaning

Simply hand wash and rinse and let air dry. Easy to maintain. 

Vinyl Coating

This reduces condensation and ice melt, for a less dilluted cocktail. It will also keep your hands more comfortable

Superior Design

Parabolic designed sidewalls make this shaker ergonomically fit to the hand. The result is a much more comfortable feel over conventional shakers. 

Easy Control 

The vinyl coating provides extra grip production. Condensation on conventional shakers makes them slippery and easy to drop. 

Quiet Please

The coating makes the shaker quiet to use, and if dropped does not make the commotion of a conventional shaker. (We've all been there...)



Heavy duty spun stainless steel commerical construction.

Easy Care Cleaning

Heavy Duty vinyl coating.

Polished exterior for finished look. 

Make Bartending Fun Again

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